Voyage to Adelaide in 1865

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Voyage to Adelaide in 1865
Under command of Captain David Bruce
Departure port London
Departure date 26th July 1865
Arrival port Port Adelaide
Arrival date 12th October 1865
Voyage duration 78 days
Port of Call
Port of call Plymouth
Departure 31st July 1865

On the 26th July 1865 the City of Adelaide left London bound for South Australia, but had first to make a detour to Plymouth to embark more passengers. She departed Plymouth on the 31st July for Adelaide, arriving at Semaphore on 12th October 1865 at 1am. From the newspaper reports of the day, her arrival created quite a scene, as she was not expected to reach her destination so early in the year.

As with all voyages made by the City of Adelaide, she carried a vast amount of cargo, including a coffin painted light sky blue belonging to Mr. Winsor.

To relieve the boredom of sea travel, a literary group was established among the passengers aboard the City of Adelaide. Calling themselves the "City of Adelaide Poetical Association", they held regular gatherings to recite poems which they had composed themselves whilst travelling. Even the children were encouraged to write. A selection of the poems can be read online.

When passing Kangaroo Island's western-most reaches, the ship was met by the President of the Marine Board from Port Adelaide who was visiting Cape Borda Lighthouse. The President asked Captain Bruce if he would take the lighthouse keeper and his wife to Port Adelaide. So congenial was the good Captain, that he agreed, and thereby increased his passenger list by two upon arrival in Adelaide.

The South Australian Register of 13 October 1865 gave the following account of the voyage:[1]

The City of Adelaide created quite a sensation when she arrived near the Stations on Thursday morning. She was announced shortly after 1 o'clock by the coruscations of sundry rockets and a display of signal lights. A general rush was made to the boats, but there were not many persons who imagined the City would so distinguish herself as to turn up on the completion of the 72nd day, although some were sanguine it was Captain Bruce, while others thought of Captain Legoe; at any rate it proved the former, and on boarding her the same welcome that has been experienced several years back was given. The same faces, the same officers, indeed several of the old crew were there, and it seemed scarcely credible that almost a year had elapsed since the vessel first arrived. She has a full complement of passengers, whose expressions of satisfaction must be extremely pleasing to Captain Bruce, from whom a few particulars of the passage were procured, tending to illustrate the great improvement in the Adelaide trade since the year when first he brought out the Irene. The City left London on July 26th, and called at Plymouth to embark passengers, taking final departure on the evening of the 31st, and for the first stage north-west winds prevailed till she had crossed the Bay of Biscay; but the north-east trades were so light, and lost entirely in from 13° to 14° north, that it was August 25 before the Line was crossed in 23° west. From thence to the meridian of the Cape 23 days elapsed, but along the easting in 44° to 45° she made splendid runs, and would have arrived on Sunday in 68 days but for the intervention of four or five days of easterly winds between the Leuwin and Cape Borda. The gallant ship has not altered the least in general appearance, and, with the usual good fortune of the master, he had scarcely anchored when the Young Australian paddled alongside, and was at once dispatched for the Eleanor. No time was lost in steaming up, and at daylight the mariners hove the anchor to the bows, and in two hours she was moored at the wharf. The President of the Marine Board being on a visit of inspection to the Cape Borda Lighthouse was desirous of forwarding the keeper and his wife without delay to the Port, and the City of Adelaide being communicated with, Captain Bruce complied with the request, and added two to his list of passengers.

Passenger List

Adelaide newspaper passenger lists[2] report the passengers shown in the table below with the following differences and additional information:

  • Not listed in newspapers: one Barber child (i.e. only four listed), Mr. Bradley, Mrs Burford.
  • Additional passengers: Barber servant, Mrs Bradley, Mr Burfoot Hunt.
  • Additional information: Jas. Fotheringham, Christina Oldham, Caroline Foale, J. B. and L. Pfaender, H. B. Hall, J. Barnwell, H. and L. Likert, W. Godson, W. and Ellen Bell, Ellen Robinson, Mercy Wills, P. T. and H. Johnson, A. and W. B. Hunt, R. Jenkins, H. Paine, A. Fitch, W. Knabenshuh.
  • Alternative spellings: Leichardt/Leichart/Likert, Windzor not Windsor, Knabenshuh not Knubenshuh, Bramwell/Barnwell, Jonson/Johnson.

The following is a list of passengers on the voyage that arrived in Port Adelaide on 12 October 1865 after a 78 day passage.

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Barber, Mr. Barber, William Henry Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 07 Aug 1822
2 Barber, Mrs. Smith, Julia Warren Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 1824
3 Barber, Child Barber, Louisa Sarah Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 1851
4 Barber, Child Barber, Alexander Barber Family First Class (Saloon) c. 1853
5 Barber, Child Barber, Julia Marianne Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 2nd Qtr 1855
6 Barber, Child Barber, Emily Margarette Frederica Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 24 Jan 1857
7 Barber, Child Barber, Alice Lizzie Barber Family First Class (Saloon) 20 Sep 1858
8 Bramwell, Mr. Bramwell, First Class (Saloon)
9 Foale, Miss Foale, First Class (Saloon)
10 Fotheringham, Mr. Fotheringham, First Class (Saloon)
11 Fotheringham, Mrs. Fotheringham, First Class (Saloon)
12 Graves, Miss Graves, First Class (Saloon)
13 Graves, Mrs. Graves, First Class (Saloon)
14 Hall, Mr. Hall, First Class (Saloon)
15 Hawker, Mr. Alfred Hawker, Alfred First Class (Saloon) 10 Jan 1831
16 Leichardt, Mr. Leichardt, First Class (Saloon)
17 Leichardt, Mrs. Leichardt, First Class (Saloon)
18 Oldham, Miss Oldham, First Class (Saloon)
19 Pfeander, Mr. Pfeander, First Class (Saloon)
20 Pfeander, Mrs. Pfeander, First Class (Saloon)
21 Winsor, Mr. Winsor, First Class (Saloon)
22 Winsor, Mrs. Winsor, First Class (Saloon)
23 Bell, Mr. Bell, Second Class Cabins
24 Bell, Mrs. Bell, Second Class Cabins
25 Bradley, Mr. Bradley, Second Class Cabins
26 Burford, Mrs. Burford, Second Class Cabins
27 Collings, Mr. Collings, Second Class Cabins
28 Collings, Mrs. Collings, Second Class Cabins
29 Collings, Child Collings, Second Class Cabins
30 Collings, Child Collings, Second Class Cabins
31 Collings, Child Collings, Second Class Cabins
32 Collings, Child Collings, Second Class Cabins
33 Fitch, Mr. Fitch, Second Class Cabins
34 Godson, Mr. Godson, Second Class Cabins
35 Hay, Mr. John Hay, John Second Class Cabins
36 Hughes, Mr. Hughes, Second Class Cabins
37 Hughes, Mrs. Hughes, Second Class Cabins
38 Hunt, Mr. Hunt, Second Class Cabins
39 Jenkins, Mr. Jenkins, Second Class Cabins
40 Jonson, Mr. Jonson, Second Class Cabins
41 Jonson, Mrs. Jonson, Second Class Cabins
42 Jonson, Miss J. Jonson, J. Second Class Cabins
43 Knubenschuh, Mrs. W. Knubenschuh, W. Second Class Cabins
44 Paine, Mr. Paine, Second Class Cabins
45 Robinson, Mrs. Wills, Ellen Matilda Second Class Cabins 04 Aug 1827
46 Wills, Miss Wills, Mercy Second Class Cabins 08 Jan 1833

Crew List

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