Voyage to London in 1870

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Voyage to London in 1870
Under command of Captain John Bruce
Departure port Port Adelaide
Departure date 3rd November 1869
Arrival port Shadwell Basin, London
Arrival date 16th March 1870
Voyage duration 133 days

The City of Adelaide was berthed at Prince's Wharf in Port Adelaide for almost 14 weeks, then mid-stream in the Port River for a further three weeks before she sailed from South Australia on 3 November 1869.[1] She arrived in London on 16 March 1870 after a voyage of 133 days.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Alan Platt, historian, specialising in the history of the 'City of Adelaide' and her illustrious masters, we have a list of passengers who are known to have made the return voyage to England aboard her. The list was compiled by Dr. Platt from data collected from Adelaide newspapers by R.T. (Bob) Sexton, noted South Australian maritime author.

The list is alphabetical and all passengers are assumed to be in the First Class cabins.

Passenger List

The following is a list of passengers on the voyage that arrived in London on 16th March 1870 after a 133 day passage.

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Bell, Mr. F. Bell, F. First Class (Saloon)
2 Bingle, Miss A. Bingle, A. First Class (Saloon)
3 Field, Reverend T. Field, Thomas Field Family - F19123 First Class (Saloon) 30 Dec 1830
4 Field, Mrs. Neales, Elizabeth Bentham Field Family - F19123 First Class (Saloon) November 1867
5 Field, Master Field, Field Family - F19123 First Class (Saloon) 15 May 1862
6 Field, Miss Field, Laura Margaret Field Family - F19123 First Class (Saloon) 1868
7 Field, Servant of Unknown, Field Family - F19123 First Class (Saloon)
8 Hocking, Mr. O. Hocking, O. Hocking Family First Class (Saloon)
9 Hocking, Mrs. Hocking, Mrs. Hocking Family First Class (Saloon)
10 Hooke, Mr. Thomas Hooke, Thomas First Class (Saloon) Died 22 Nov 1869 of ulceration of the bowels
11 May, J. May, J. First Class (Saloon)
12 Packard, Dr. Packard, First Class (Saloon) Surgeon
13 Prankerd, J. Prankerd, J. First Class (Saloon)

The ship's Log Book had an entry dated 22 November 1869 stating that "Thomas Hooke, a Passenger, expired from Ulceration of the Bowels, after a long illness. He was in bad health when he embarked. Age 20. Lat. 33 deg S, Long. 107 deg E. Signed John Bruce, Master; Dr. <hard to read> Packard, Surgeon; E. Robins, Chief Mate.

Crew List

This list is held by the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

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Cargo List

The individual exporters are listed below.[2]

Exporter Goods Exporter Goods
Paramatta Mining Company 3,134 bags copper ore G Young 37 tons bark
J Taylor and Sons 402 bales wool Ormerod and Company 30 bales wool
T Magarey 92 bales wool J Riddoch 113 bales wool
Coombes 38 bales wool R B Smith 1,000 bales wool
J and G Wilcox 34 bales wool J Whyte 112 bales wool
Duffield, Harrold and Company 38 bales wool Harrold Brothers 71 bales wool
Duffield and Porter 146 bales wool Harrold and Duffield 333 bales wool
W Peacock and Son 225 bales wool W Peacock and Son 74 bales leather
J Colton and Company 16 bales leather J Colton and Company 3 casks tallow
J Colton and Company 212 bales wool J Colton and Company 2 tons gluepieces
J H Angas 44 bales wool J H Angas 3 bales sheepskins
G McGill 109 bags bark J Hill 1 case books
Wills and Company 1 case F Clark and Sons 68 bales wool
F Clark and Sons 4 bales leather F Clark and Sons 1 bag hair
Carter, Tyas and Company 1 bale drapery Woodman 1 case books
D and W Murray 5 cases C Lamb 2 qr-casks wine


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  2. South Australian Advertiser, 3 November 1869.

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