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Barber Family
William Henry and Julia Warren - F22
Marriage 1st Qtr 1850
Mutford Registration District, SFK, ENG
Name William Henry Barber
Lived b. 07 Aug 1822
Nationality  English
Name Julia Warren Smith
Lived 1824 – 26 Jul 1898
William Smith Barber (b. 15 Dec 1859)
Louisa Sarah Barber (1851 – 25 Oct 1887)
Anita Rose Barber (1st Qtr1861 – 3rd Qtr 1861)
Alice Lizzie Barber (20 Sep 1858 – 1st Qtr 1859)
Emily Margarette Frederica Barber (b. 24 Jan 1857)
Julia Marianne Barber (2nd Qtr 1855 – 8 Apr 1930)
Alexander Barber (b. c. 1853)

William Barber and his family left England from London on 26 July 1865 aboard the City of Adelaide.  After a brief stop over at Plymouth, they sailed for South Australia on 31 July.  In the wee hours of the morning of 12 October the same year, the City of Adelaide anchored off Port Adelaide to await the early morning tide and daylight. According to the newspapers of the day, their arrival caused quite a stir among the good folk of the Port as the vessel was not expected until much later in the year.[1]


During the voyage out, Captain Bruce and some of the passengers organised various activities to relieve the boredom of the long ocean voyage. Religious services were held every Sunday morning, the "Crossing of the Line" tradition was observed when they crossed the Equator, and some of the passengers formed a poetry appreciation group, which they called The City of Adelaide Poetical Association. A number of passengers took part in the latter, including at least two of the Barber children. Emily Barber wrote about what she saw on board ship - in particular about the passengers, while her brother William wrote about the crew, giving fair descriptions of some of the men. Their poetry was collated by fellow passenger Alfred Hawker after they reached Adelaide, and the work was published in December of 1865 by E.S. Wigg and Son[2], who was related to Mrs. Barber, and whose nephews would figure greatly in the futures of two of the Barber girls.

William Henry Barber

William Henry Barber was born in New Kent Road, Surrey, England, on 7 Aug 1822[3], the son of Abraham Barber and Louisa (surname unknown). His parents had him baptised at Holy Trinity Church in Newington, Surrey on 5 April 1827.  He married Julia Warren Smith in the first quarter of 1850 in the Mutford registration district[4], which spans the boundaries of Norfolk and Suffolk, and incorporates the town where Julia Smith was baptised. Julia was baptised on 25 Nov 1824 at Gorleston with Southtown, Suffolk[5], the daughter of Jacob Waller Smith and Julia Warren Waters. They had seven children between 1851 and 1861. Four were baptised in London and three in Kent.

The 1851 Census of England in the Parish of St Mary Le Bow, London[6], lists William Henry Barber as a jeweller aged 29 years and head of the household, born in London; Julia W. Barber as his wife, 27 years old, with no occupation, and born in Yarmouth; Emily Warren Smith as sister (of his wife), aged 19 years with no occupation and also born in Yarmouth; and Lydia Osborne, an unmarried woman of 40 years of age, a servant and born at Hitcham, Hertfordshire. They were living in Cheapside at the time the Census was taken - the house is simply recorded as Cheapside 56. Another interesting thing is that in house Cheapside 55 there lived a family named Shilford. The head of that household is listed as a jeweller's shopman, and a silversmith's apprentice named John Eatt or East, and a shop boy named Benjamin Rofkin or Roskin also lived there. At Cheapside 53 there was another family named Bowden whose occupations are also given as silversmiths and jewellers. It is very likely that William Barber worked for or with one of these people. The house in which William & Julia lived was close to the corner of Bow Lane and Cheapside Road, less than a quarter mile from the River Thames and Temple Bar Arch, and only a street away from The Guildhall. In Georgian times, number 56 had been occupied by Davis & Idle who were hat manufacturers and hosiers; and number 53 was the premises of William Poole, weaver and haberdasher; and number 55 was vacant. There were also a number of gold and silversmiths with premises further along Cheapside Road and in Bow Lane. A modern building of several storeys stands on the site today, and number 56 is occupied by a mobile telephone retailer.

The 1841 Census of England for the Parish of St Mary Le Bow, London[7], shows William Henry Barber as a 16 year old with no occupation given. Also in the household on Census night were his parents - Abraham Barber, a jeweller aged 45; Louisa Barber, aged 45 with no occupation given; John Barber, aged 19 with no occupation given; Louisa Barber, aged 15 with no occupation given; Maryanne Barber, aged 14 with no occupation given; Mary Grey, aged 40 with an occupation given in initials only - F.S., which is generally taken to mean Female Servant; Susan Young, aged 40 and who also has the initial F.S. in the occupation column; and Mary Jones, aged 40 and who also has F.S. as an occupation. The really interesting thing here, is that on Census night 1841, all of these people were living at Cheapside 56 - the same location at which we found William and Julia Barber living in 1851. Perhaps his parents moved to another location and gave the Cheapside house to William and Julia after they married? It is also interesting to note here too, that the neighbours were watchmakers and jewellers, just as they were in 1851.

In the 1861 Census for the township of Lewisham, Kent[8], William Henry Barber is given as a jeweller, aged 38 years and born at New Kent Road, Surrey. Julia is listed as Julia Warren Barber, aged 35 and born in Suffolk. There are five children also listed on this record - Louisa Sarah aged 9 a scholar and born in London, Alexander aged 8 a scholar and born in London, Julia aged 5 a scholar and also born in London, William aged 1 year and born in Lewisham in Kent, and lastly Amelia (her name was really Anita) Rose aged 6 months who was also born in Lewisham, Kent. The house is recorded as number 15 in Lewisham Village. The location would have been in what became known as Lewisham High Street.

Julia Barber nee Smith

The death record for Julia Barber nee Smith was located in South Australia. She died 26 July 1898 at the age of 73 at Norwood[9], exactly 33 years to the day after she left London for their new home. This would have made her 40 years old when they left England. No death record for William Henry Barber has yet been located. There is a record for a William Barber who died aged 66 at North Adelaide in 1883[10], but since Julia's death record has (H) after the name of her husband, this usually indicates that the person was still living, so this may not be our William - although being 66, the William who died in 1883 would have been born in the right year to be the right person. There is no relative recorded on that fellow's record, so it makes it difficult to pin point him.

The family of William Henry Barber and his wife Julia Warren Smith took some work to locate and identify. Although we have made every effort to provide accurate information relating to this family, some of it may not be quite as complete as we would like to see it. We should also thank those who assisted in the research into this family, both here in Australia and in England, for without their help, much of the information would have remained hidden.


Researched and compiled by JK Stokes, Adelaide, SA with assistance from Alison Martyn, West Sussex, ENG, and Mike Phoenix, Canberra, ACT,  July/August 2009



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