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Victualling crew 
Susannah Bradley
Born abt 1835
Nationality  English
Born abt 1835
Genealogy Data
Person ID I20047
Voyage Data
Voyage to London in 1865
Personal role Stewardess
Name on list Susannah Bradley
Age on voyage 30
Last ship Phoebe Dunbar
Joined date 16 Jan 1865
Joined place Adelaide
Left date 04 May 1865
Left place London
Left reason Discharged
Voyage to Adelaide in 1865
Personal role Stewardess
Name on list Susannah Bradley
Age on voyage 30
Last ship City of Adelaide
Joined date 26 Jul 1865
Joined place London
Left date 04 Jan 1866
Left place Adelaide
Left reason Discharged

Susannah Bradley was 30 years old when she travelled to South Australia aboard the City of Adelaide in 1865. It is entirely possible that the Mrs Bradley who occupied a second class cabin and Susannah Bradley the stewardess are one and the same person.

It was not uncommon for honorary crew members, such as stewards, stewardesses or matrons to be given either upgrades in their on-board accommodations or even to have their passage paid for by the ship's Captain or owners in return for their services during the voyage. Perhaps Susannah Bradley received her passage in return for her services as Stewardess. In most cases, the job of a Stewardess, Steward or Matron, was to act on behalf of the Captain to deal with minor wants and needs of the passengers. On occasion, women acting in these positions may also have been called upon to act as midwives to attend the births of children on board ship.

They were also responsible for mustering of passengers for safety drills, and in the event of an actual disaster, were responsible for the safe and sedate manning of the lifeboats. Another of their daily chores was to oversee the issue of victuals to the passengers by the galley staff. In some instances, the steward/stewardess/matron would act as a sort of constable aboard ship, and would deal with the minor problems that undoubtedly arose during many voyages between passengers and their neighbours, living in such close confined spaces.

There is a death record for a single woman named Susannah Bradley, aged 38 years who died at Melrose, and had been a resident of Melrose at the time of her death. This woman passed away on 4 Jun 1872. Her death record may be located in the Registers for the District of Frome, Book 48, Page 3.



Researched by Julie Stokes