Field Family - F19123

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Field Family
Thomas and Elizabeth Bentham - F19123
Marriage November 1867
St Peter's Anglican Church, Glenelg, SA
Name Thomas Field
Lived 30 Dec 1830 – 29 Sep 1899
Nationality  England
Name Elizabeth Bentham Neales
Lived 03 May 1845 – 28 May 1933
Nationality  England
Field (15 May 1862 – 1944)
Laura Margaret Field (1868 – 1961)
Gertrude Field (b. 26 Apr 1870)

Rev Canon Thomas Field contributed enormously to the Anglican Church in South Australia. He came to South Australia at the invitation of Hon G C Hawker, and was given the Mission Chaplaincy of the Broughton, a district of 1,400 Sq miles. He served as the Anglican Priest on the original Altona, up and down the River Murray. He served many parishes including 16 years at Glenelg, Prospect and Islington, Hindmarsh, was Chaplain at the Destitute Asylum, the Adelaide Gaol and lastly at the time of his death, the Mission Chaplaincy of St Cyprians. His particular passion was education and established schools at each of the parishes in which he served. He was appointed Hon. Canon of St Peter's Cathedral in 1896.


Marriage and Children

Voyage to London in 1870

Voyage to London in 1870
Under command of Captain John Bruce
Departure port Port Adelaide
Departure date 3rd November 1869
Arrival port Shadwell Basin, London
Arrival date 16th March 1870
Voyage duration 133 days