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First Class Passenger 
Cyril Francis Maude
24 Apr 1862 – 20 Feb 1951
Cyril Maude c1913
Cyril Maude c1913
Nationality Unknown
Born 24 Apr 1862
Died 20 Feb 1951
Genealogy Data
Person ID I875
Voyage Data
Voyage to Adelaide in 1881
Personal role First Class Passenger
Name on list Mr. Maude
Joined place London
Left place Adelaide

Cyril Francis Maude (24 April 1862 — 20 February 1951) was an English stage actor.


Maude was born in London and educated at the Charterhouse School. In 1881, he was sent to Adelaide, South Australia, on the clipper ship City of Adelaide to regain his health.[1] [2] He returned to England without having regained his health, but nursing the ambition to be an actor.[1]

Maude fulfilled his acting ambition in Denver, USA, in 1883. From 1896 until 1905 he was co-manager of the Haymarket Theatre in London with Frederick Harrison. There he became known for his quietly humorous acting in many parts. In 1906 he went into management on his own account, and in 1907 he opened The Playhouse, also in London.

Maude became very well known for his role as "Grumpy" a spoilt old man, who as a retired lawyer solved a crime to keep his loved ones happy. Maude took this play to Australia and toured Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney where it was immensely popular.[1][2]

Voyage to Adelaide in 1881

From the Sydney Morning Herald of Saturday 4 August 1917:[2]


Mr. Cyril Maude is now in Adelaide, where he enjoyed a Mayoral reception, at which he was welcomed by the Premier (Mr. A. H. Peake) and leading citizens. Dr. Melville Jay informed the gathering that 36 years ago, when he was surgeon on board the ship City of Adelaide, Mr. Maude was a passenger, and came under his care. Dr. Jay has practised in Adelaide ever since. When "Grumpy" the plan for which opens at Paling's on Monday, is produced at the Criterion next Saturday the cast will be as follows:- Andrew Bullivant, Cyril Maude; Ernest Heron, Herbert Hanson; Ruddock, Edward Lester; Jarvis, Frank Elliott; Isaac Wolf, Robert Ayrton; Dr. Maclaren, Stephen Scanlan; Keble, F. Gatenby Bell; Merridew, Harry Sweeney; Dawson, H. H. Wallace; Virginia Bullivant, Dorothy Cumming; Mrs. Maclaren, Stella Payter; Susan, Betty Murray.


He starred in several films in the 1930s, including Grumpy. In 1947, he appeared at the age of 85 in the film While the Sun Shines.

Personal life

In 1888, Maude married actress Winifred Emery (1862–1924), the daughter of Samuel Anderson Emery and granddaughter of John Emery, both well-known actors in their day. Their son John Cyril Maude became a prominent barrister, judge, and Member of Parliament. In 1889, a year after her marriage to Maude, Winifred Emery gave birth to a daughter, Margery Maude who became a well-known actress in her own right.

Actors' Orphanage Fund

In 1905, Maude succeeded Sir Henry Irving as the President of the Actors' Orphanage Fund (now called the Actors' Charitable Trust). During some remarkable years of service he established the first orphanage for actors' children at Croydon, inaugurated innovative fundraising schemes and events, attracted royal patronage, and secured committee members from among leading actors of the day. He served until 1914.

In 1923 he toured America with Lydia Bilbrook and Mabel Terry-Lewis in If Winter Comes, playing at Chicago in April and New York in the autumn.[3]


Cyril Maude died at Torquay in Devon on 20 February 1951.[4]

Selected filmography

  • These Charming People (1931)
  • Counsel's Opinion (1933)


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