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- F371
Name Eliza Phillips
Lived b. abt 1845-46
Albert Phillips (b. abt 1866-67)
Alinda Phillips (b. abt 1868-69)

In the entry for Sunday 21st June 1874, in the Diary of James McLauchlan the death of five year old Alinda Phillips is mentioned:

Sunday 21st

"About 11, I went to church. The service has held in the Poop which being supplied with an awning was much cooler than the cabin. As soon as we came down, the first melancholy news we heard was that the little girl who was so ill yesterday had died between 11 and 12 o’clock.

Poor little thing just 2 or 3 days before, she told her Mother that she dreamed she was going to die and be cast into the sea. Little did she think it was so soon to be fulfilled. Between 2 and 3 o’clock she was consigned to the deep…about Lat 13 o 37N. Long 27 o 58’ W. The Mother, it seems, with her two children a boy and the girl was going to meet her husband in Australia ... it will be a sad meeting for them."

The little girl was Alinda Phillips who had been born in Redruth, Cornwall within the first quarter of 1868.

Her mother Eliza Phillips was born in 1845 as Elizabeth Ann Johns at St Ewe, near Megavissey in Cornwall, the daughter of Polmassick farmer Thomas Johns and his wife Mary. Eliza married John Henry Phillips, a travelling draper, in that registration district (St Austell) within the June quarter of 1865. Their son Albert Phillips was born in Plymouth, Devon during 1866.

With her surviving child Albert, Eliza Ann Phillips, a sempstress, rejoined her husband John to live at Alberton, near Port Adelaide, SA. There on 27 June 1877, another girl was born to them who was also christened Alinda.

Tragically their second Alinda died at Port Adelaide on 24 February 1880 at 2½ years of age.