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First Class Passenger 
George Wilcox
03 Oct 1838 – 1908
Nationality  English
Born 03 Oct 1838
St. Neots, England
Died 1908
Genealogy Data
Person ID I5
Birth Family
Wilcox Family - F18641
Father Joseph Wilcox 
(1811 – 1894)
Mother Sarah Emery
Marriage Family/Families
Wilcox Family - F43
Spouse Annie Caldicot Fuller 
(Abt May 1840 – 13 Apr 1897)
Nationality  English
Married Jul 1864

Murray Wilcox (b. 10 Nov 1874)
Edith Wilcox (b. 12 May 1865)
George Seaborn Wilcox (20 Jan 1873 – 15 Jul 1915)
Nellie Wilcox (b. 24 Dec 1867)
Sidney George Wilcox (b. 25 Aug 1866)
Voyage Data
Voyage to Adelaide in 1864
Personal role First Class Passenger
Name on list Mr. George Wilcox
Travel Family Wilcox Family - F43
Age on voyage abt 26
Joined place London
Left place Adelaide
Voyage to London in 1873
Personal role First Class Passenger
Name on list Mr. Wilcox
Travel Family Wilcox Family - F43
Age on voyage Abt 35
Joined place Adelaide
Left place London

George Wilcox (1838-1908) was born in St Neots, Huntingdonshire, the second son of Joseph Wilcox, a master tailor/draper who employed seven men. In 1850 George started work in a local grocery business, and subsequently served a five year apprenticeship in the trade. In December 1857, at the age of 19, he sailed from Liverpool to Melbourne on the Royal Charter, landed in mid-March 1858 and reached Adelaide a week later.

His elder brother Thomas, a draper like his father, had preceded him by migrating to Gawler. George first took a job there as a clerk at 20 shillings per week, but in September 1858 he established a small grocery shop in Murray Street. Two years later he merged with the Barker & Wilcox drapery to develop it into a general business based on grocery and drapery under the name of J and G Wilcox. His father was the financial partner, but he never came to Australia. The enterprise became extremely successful, and his younger brothers Emery and Joseph also migrated to Gawler to work on the drapery side of the business.


Researched by Ron Roberts, Adelaide, South Australia