Diary of James Moorehouse

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Voyage to Adelaide in 1869
Under command of Captain John Bruce
Departure port London
Departure date 13th May 1869
Arrival port Semaphore
Arrival date 31st July 1869
Voyage duration 77 days
Port of Call
Port of call Plymouth
Arrival 14th May 1869
Departure 15th May 1869

James Moorhouse kept a diary of his voyage beginning on May 12th until the City of Adelaide's anchorage in South Australia in late July

Diary Transcripts

May 12, 1869

The ship City of Adelaide, Jn Bruce Comm left Shadwell basin this day, on the morning of 14th were in Plymouth and the following day made sail at 5 pm, with following passengers:

FA Weld, Lady and 6 children and governess

Miss Brigitte, T de Lisle.

HW Blundell

R Holmes, J Paulin- E Cope, Mr and Mrs Hall, Capt Tapley, Miss Crampton, Miss Conray, Miss and Mr Odermann, Mrs and Miss Miller, and a host of Mr Weld’s servants.

JH Webb MD in charge of physic and c.

May 28

This has been our first warm day, so in the morning now there is a general “rush oh” for the bath. I have to take mine__ to be in anything like time.

May 30

Passed very close to Eng Barque Belle from London to China yesterday and today, very close to E Barque Annie from London – the former 20 days out to our 15. had three services this Sabbath.

June 3

We during day passed a large ship the Resolute from London to Sydney, but 2 days longer out than we are. The weather is very oppressive, but fortunately does not rain this morning and yesterday morning I have had turns of the deck.

June 4

Tremendous heavy rain all morning - 1000 gals of fresh water. A man met with an accident, got his head frightfully cut.

June 6

After two day days (sic) heavy rain, we at last are fained with a fine day and steady breeze, passed several outward-bounders

We had capital sailing when down in 42º S. doing over 200 miles a day during the whole of July. Of course on coming to anchor on our 77th day, we had pilot, ship reporters and several boats of friends.

Capt Douglas took of Gov Weld, Blundell and De Lisle and they went to Govt House.

We had a sweep as to the hour the pilot should board us and the Treasurer (Cadenhead) won it. Bruce behaved very well to all, and was presented with a testimonial of 20 sovs.

The South Australian came out in 74 days

The Yatala came out in 77 days

The SS Balclutha with Gov Weld on board broke down, passengers and mails taken to Wallaroo in Aury…