Mowll, Charles Havelock

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Theodosia married Charles Havelock Mowll, III, son of W. R. Mowll and Miss [--?--], on 13 April 1882 in Great Bookham, Surrey, England, UK. Charles died in 1892.

Marriage Notes: The marriage of Theodosia Mary S Stedman and Charles Havelock Mowll was registered at Epsom, Vol. 2a, p. 7, in the June Quarter 1882.
Kentish Express & Ashford News, 22nd April 1882
C. Havelock MOWLL Esq. 3rd s/o W. R. MOWLL Esq JP of Chaldercott Dover to Theodosia Mary Savignac (Vigny) STEDMAN only d/o Arthur STEDMAN M. R. C. S. of Great Brookham married April 13th at Great Brookham 8\\7

Children from this marriage were:

M i. Harold Mowll died on an unknown date.
Harold married Miss [--?--] (d. Unknown).
M ii. Alan Mowll died on an unknown date.

Theodosia next married Garforth Drury in 1900. Garforth died in 1953.

Charles Havelock Mowll, King and Queen Wharf, 187 Rotherhithe Street, Surrey, residing at 132 Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, Middlesex, beofre then residing at Feniton, Farnboough, Kent, and previously trading at the Wellington Hall, Northampton Street, Dover, and residing at Ashley Grange, Cheriton, near Folkestone, both in Kent, coal merchant.[1]


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