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Caroline Tilka, b1876
Credit: Annabel Douglas-Hill

In 1876, Martin Tilka, his wife Marie (nee Kschiwan) and their six children, left London for Australia in the City of Adelaide. They were assisted migrants from Germany. Martin and Marie had three additional daughters after arriving in South Australia including Caroline (pictured) born on 27 October 1876 near Riverton. Caroline later moved to, and wed on, Kangaroo Island.

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Selected picture 2

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Griffith George Todd, b1852
Credit: State Library of South Australia

Among the first class (saloon) passengers who disembarked from the City of Adelaide at Port Adelaide in October 1867 was 15 years old Griffith George Todd. Having lost both parents by the age of 9, he had completed his education with relatives in London, and was now coming out to join his uncle’s family in South Australia.

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Selected picture 3

Portal:Passengers/Selected picture/3

Frederick Norman Scarfe, b1822

Frederick Norman Scarfe, 28, married Mary Trevenen, 17, in January 1850 and they set up home in Adelaide’s early eastern village of Norwood. In 1860, Frederick was elected as the third Mayor of the Town of Kensington and Norwood. Frederick and Mary sailed to London on the 1865 voyage on the City of Adelaide. It appears that the move was intended to be a permanent one but Mary died the following month after arriving in England. In 1866, Frederick returned to Adelaide on the City of Adelaide and within weeks had installed in a Norwood church a stained glass window that he presumably brought with him to Adelaide from London.

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Selected picture 4

Portal:Passengers/Selected picture/4

Peter Waite, b1834
Credit: OH Toledo

Peter Waite was a South Australian pastoralist and public benefactor. Waite's philanthropic endeavours provided significant benefit to the University of Adelaide and to local public schools, and generations of students have benefited from his largesse. On 21 November 1864, Waite married Matilda Methuen who had arrived on the maiden voyage of the City of Adelaide a few weeks previously.

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