Voyage to London in 1874

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Voyage to London in 1874
Under command of Captain Llewellyn Bowen
Departure port Port Adelaide
Departure date 3rd November 1873
Arrival port London
Arrival date 15th February 1874
Voyage duration 104 days

The City of Adelaide discharged her passengers and cargo at the Company's Wharf in Port Adelaide during the month of July 1873. She was then anchored in the Port River "stream" for the next eight weeks, before being returned to the wharf where, throughout October, she steadily assembled her cargo for the voyage "home". The ship was cleared from the dock on the 29th October, but the weather was so boisterous that she anchored at the Semaphore Anchorage until she was able to sail down the Gulf at dawn on 3 November 1873.[1] She arrived in London on 15 February 1874, a duration of 104 days.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Alan Platt, historian, specialising in the history of the City of Adelaide and its illustrious masters, we have a list of passengers who are known to have made the return voyage to England aboard the clipper. The list was compiled by Dr. Platt from data collected from Adelaide newspapers by R.T. (Bob) Sexton, noted South Australian maritime author.

Passenger List

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Bosustow, Captain Bosustow, First Class (Saloon)
2 Bowen, Reverend E. Bowen, E. Bowen Family First Class (Saloon)
3 Bowen, Mrs. Bowen, Bowen Family First Class (Saloon)
4 Bowen, Miss Bowen, Bowen Family First Class (Saloon)
5 Lawrence, Miss Lawrence, First Class (Saloon)
6 Mitchell, Mr. J. Mitchell, J. First Class (Saloon)
7 Waldron, Mrs. Waldron, First Class (Saloon)
8 Welch, Dr. Welch, First Class (Saloon)
9 Wright, Mrs. G. Wright, G. First Class (Saloon)
10 Chapman, Mrs. Chapman, Chapman Family Second Class Cabins
11 Chapman, Child Chapman, Chapman Family Second Class Cabins
12 Chapman, Child Chapman, Chapman Family Second Class Cabins
13 Field, Miss Field, Second Class Cabins
14 Roberts, Mr. J. Roberts, J. Second Class Cabins
15 Symes, Mr. Symes, Second Class Cabins

Crew List

This list is held by the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

Template:Crew List to London in 1874

Cargo List

The following exporters dispatched goods on this voyage.[2]

Exporter Goods Exporter Goods
Wallaroo Mines 150 tons copper W G Luxmoore 20 casks tallow
Dean, Laughton and Co. 59 casks & 400 cases tallow J Tidmarsh and Company 61 casks tallow
Adelaide Meat Company 43 casks tallow Adelaide Meat Company 150 cases meat
D and J Fowler 17 casks tallow J and B Taylor 11 casks pelts
J and B Taylor 51 bales wool T Macdonald 26 bales flax
W H Holmes and Company 3 cases wax G Young 48 tons bark
W Morgan and Company 1 qr-cask brandy W Peacock and Son 8 tons horns, hoofs & bones
Acraman, Main and Co. 1 case, 3 bags hair Acraman, Main and Co. 233 bales wool
J W Bakewell 5 packages J Colton and Company 21 bales wool
A Hallett 212 bales wool E Spicer 20 bales wool
F Clark and Sons 66 bales wool Cleland, Mitchell and Co. 7 bales wool
W Duffield 174 bales wool J Barritt 19 bales wool
W Sloane and Company 82 bales wool McCulloch, Sellars and Co. 330 bales wool
Duffield, Harrold and Hurd 107 bales wool Harrold and Duffield 66 bales wool
H and F Rymill 125 bales wool Sanders, James and Co. 429 bales wool
C B Fischer 311 bales wool H A Wood 136 bales wool
J White 78 bales wool G Young 76 bales wool
W Peacock and Son 34 bales wool J H Angas 118 bales wool
Harrold Brothers 16 bales wool


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