Voyage to London in 1876

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Voyage to London in 1876
Under command of Captain Alexander Bruce
Departure port Port Adelaide
Departure date 11th November 1875
Arrival port London
Arrival date 24th February 1876
Voyage duration 105 days

The ship discharged its cargo and loaded its return shipment while docked in the Company Wharf at Port Adelaide for seven weeks.[1] She sailed back from that port on 11 November 1875 and arrived in London on 24 February 1876, a duration of 105 days.

Passenger List

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
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Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Young, Mr. Young, First Class (Saloon) [2]

Crew List

This list is held in the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

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Cargo List

The exporters on this passage are listed below.[3]

Exporter Goods Exporter Goods
Wallaroo Smelting Works 440 cakes copper T Heuzenroeder 6 cases skins
H Steiner 1 case G Young 4 tons and 5 cwt bark
W Duffield and Company 969 bags wheat W Duffield and Company 2,131 bags flour
J Mitchell and Company 500 bags flour Morgan, Connor & Glyde 72 bags flour
F Wright 24 bales wool G P Hodge 22 bales wool
D and W Murray 6 bales wool J Webster and Company 30 bales wool
John Whyte 366 bales wool Joseph Barritt & Co 71 bales wool
W Duffield and Company 341 bales wool C B Fisher 210 bales wool
W Peacock and Son 146 bales wool Ormerod and Company 73 bales wool
J Newman and Son 107 bales wool J H Angas 71 bales wool
H A Wood 119 bales wool H and F Rymill 101 bales wool
Sanders, James & Co 349 bales wool W Fowler 35 bales wool
Harrold Brothers 354 bales wool Duffield, Harrold & Hurd 213 bales wool


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