Voyage to London in 1878

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Voyage to London in 1878
Under command of Captain Edward Alston
Departure port Port Augusta
Departure date 31st October 1877
Arrival port London
Arrival date 7th March 1878
Voyage duration 127 days

The City of Adelaide spent three weeks unloading in Company’s Basin at Port Adelaide before setting off for Port Augusta on 18 August 1877. She arrived there on 25 August and unloaded part of her original cargo from London, as well as some coasting cargo from Port Adelaide.

She loaded her return cargo and sailed from Port Augusta on 31 October, when she then encountered very severe weather while beating down the Gulf. She passed Kangaroo Island’s Cape Borda on 7th November to face very heavy seas and an increasing gale in the open ocean. The ship behaved well under shortened sail until a heavy sea suddenly struck the boat and knocked away the rudder.

Thanks to superb seamanship by Captain Alston, the City of Adelaide managed to return to the Semaphore anchorage on 14 November. A new rudder was manufactured at Fletcher's Slip and installed while the City was still afloat in deep water at the Anchorage.

After the necessary repairs, the City of Adelaide sailed from Semaphore on 25th November 1877. Sailing via Cape Horn, she eventually arrived in London on 7 March 1878 after an over-all duration of 127 days out of Port Augusta.

Passenger List

The following is a list of the passengers who sailed from Port Augusta on 31 October 1877.[1]

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Alston, Mrs. Francis, Grace Charlotte - I798 Alston Family - F2010 First Class (Saloon)
2 Friege, Dr. Friege, Dr First Class (Saloon)
3 Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs Jackson Family First Class (Saloon)
4 Jackson, Master Jackson, Master Jackson Family First Class (Saloon)
5 Ingram, Mr. Ingram, Mr First Class (Saloon)

Crew List

This crew list is held by the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

Template:Crew List to London in 1878

Cargo List

On this voyage the ship carried 4,043 bales of wool and 170 tons of copper. The exporters are listed below.[2]

Exporter Goods Exporter Goods Exporter Goods
Wallaroo Smelting 2195 cakes copper Wallaroo Smelting 890 bags copper ore F J Frost & Co 33 bales wool
Ayliffe & Baines 121 bales wool Sir John Morphett 359 bales wool James Bros. 15 bales wool
H C Swan 193 bales wool H & F Rymill 397 bales wool R A Tarlton & Co 81 bales wool
W R Mortlock 714 bales wool J J Swinden 70 bales wool F H Faulding & Co 45 bales wool
B Ragless 215 bales wool Thomas M Gibson 18 bales wool Henry Scott 6 bales wool
Elder Smith & Co 386 bales wool John Ragless 152 bales wool Price, Maurice 62 bales wool
J & W Moorhouse 106 bales wool Tinline & Murray 130 bales wool Hayward Armstrong 60 bales wool
W J Browne 55 bales wool Price & Browne 212 bales wool Warwick Bros. 51 bales wool
Ross, Hennuing & Baker 96 bales wool D & J Fowler 338 bales wool Bean Bros. 17 bales wool
Bignell & Young 12 bales wool Bignell & Young 1 packet


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  2. The Observer (Adelaide SA) 3 November 1877

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