Voyage to London in 1880

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Voyage to London in 1880
Under command of Captain Edward Alston
Departure port Adelaide
Departure date 30th October 1879
Arrival port London
Arrival date 5th February 1880
Voyage duration 98 days

On the 1879 visit to South Australia the City of Adelaide did not call at Port Augusta. After unloading at Port Adelaide’s McLaren Wharf, the ship was docked for loading in the Company Basin until the ship sailed from Port Adelaide on 30 October 1879.[1] She arrived in London on 5 February 1880, after a voyage of 98 days.

Passenger List

No. Name in Newspaper /
on Passenger List
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Wiki (GEDCOM) Page
Cabin Class Birth Date Age Comment Ref.
1 Alston, Mrs. Francis, Grace Charlotte - I798 Alston Family - F2010 First Class (Saloon)
2 Alston, Child Alston, Roland Athel Edward - I896 Alston Family - F2010 First Class (Saloon) 18 Dec 1877 2 Born at sea on City of Adelaide and died (16 January 1885) at sea on City of Adelaide, aged 7.
3 Alston, Nurse of Unknown First Class (Saloon)

Sorry we do not have any further passenger information for this voyage. If you have any information regarding this voyage, please contact us.

Crew List

This crew list is held by the Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

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Cargo List

The exporters on this voyage are listed below.[2]

Exporter Goods Exporter Goods
Yorke's Peninsula Mining Co 2,706 bags copper ore J Tidmarsh and Company 52 casks tallow
E R Priestly and Company 5 tons horns, hoofs & bones Barry and Company 1 case
Gerke and Rodemann 3 casks wine Harrold Brothers 4 casks wine
Harrold Brothers 195 bales wool W Peacock and Son 20 bales leather
P Falk and Company 2 cases W Peacock and Son 410 bales wool
Morgan, Connor and Glyde 500 bags flour Price Maurice 101 bales wool
Joseph Barrett 121 bales wool Barrett and Wreford 118 bales wool
Duffield and Makin 207 bales wool W Duffield and Company 223 bales wool
William Hamilton 185 bales wool Taylor Brothers 222 bales wool
A and A Hassell 4 bales wool John Grice and Company 116 bales wool
W Rogers 56 bales wool Sanders, James and Co 736 bales wool
Hart and Foot 287 bales wool Thomas Warnes 22 bales wool
Church and Warnes 33 bales wool H Muecke and Company 12 bales wool
Elder, Smith and Company 336 bales wool


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