Cheadle, Alfred Stanley - I859

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First Class Passenger 
Alfred Stanley Cheadle
1853 – 1923
Mr. Alfred Stanley Cheadle
Mr. Alfred Stanley Cheadle
Nationality  English
Born 1853
Bradford, Yorkshire
Died 1923
Genealogy Data
Person ID I859
Marriage Family/Families
Cheadle Family - F19150
Spouse Margaret Loutit
Nationality Unknown
Married Jan 1886
Congregational Church, College Park, Adelaide

Thomas Stanley Cheadle (1887 – 1959)
Francis Margaret Cheadle (1900 – 1995)
Voyage Data
Voyage to Adelaide in 1880
Personal role First Class Passenger
Name on list Mr. Cheadle
Joined place London
Left place Adelaide

Alfred Stanley Cheadle (1853-1923), was born at Bradford in Yorkshire, was initiated into the manufacturing and marketing of woolen material there, and gained a further two years experience in Roubaix, France. He returned to England as a wool-buyer and salesman for relatives who were worsted spinners.

He migrated to South Australia in the saloon of the City of Adelaide and arrived at Port Adelaide on 27 June 1880.

Alfred went straight to a job on Sir Thomas Elder’s Beltana Station, and subsequently was appointed to a position in the wool department of Elder, Smith and Co Ltd for four years. He then became manager of the wool department of the NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency Co when it opened a branch in Adelaide. When this company withdrew from SA in 1895, Cheadle and Mr R Strachan succeeded to the business as Strachan, Cheadle and Co. This was eventually incorporated into Dalgety and Co Ltd, and Cheadle became director of their wool department.

He traveled the whole State and was in close contact with the thriving pastoral industry of South Australia. Alfred became President of the SA Chamber of Commerce, Company Director, and examiner in wool-classing at the SA School of Mines and Industries.

When he was 32 years old in January 1886, he married Margaret Loutit (21) in the Congregational Church at College Park. Living at first in East Adelaide, where he was twice Mayor of St Peters, and subsequently in their Glenelg home, they had a family of two sons and three daughters between 1887 and 1906.

Two of their children enjoyed particular distinction.

Thomas Stanley Cheadle (1887-1959), the eldest child, who was educated at St Peter’s College in Adelaide, became Chairman of Directors of Bennett and Fisher, director of several other companies, and Chairman of the Adelaide Woolbrokers’ Association. He was also South Australian Amateur golf champion on six occasions, the first in 1903 when he was only sixteen years old.

The youngest daughter, Francis Margaret Cheadle (1900-1995) was always known as Margaret. After a wealthy Protestant childhood, she graduated with an Honours degree in Science from Adelaide University, and worked as a biochemist doing insulin research. In the late 1920's Margaret converted to Catholicism, married Paul McGuire and gave up her career for the life of travel, diplomacy and work as a Catholic layperson. The couple regularly traveled to Europe and America where they were involved in Catholic Action movements. She was the author of twelve books, and actively participated in many associations and societies.

Her husband Dominic Paul McGuire (1903-1978) was also a distinguished South Australian who, among his many achievements, became Ambassador to Italy. He wrote more than 30 books across a wide range of topics, but he was particularly interested in the sea and ships. Margaret established a trust fund in his memory that has made the SA State Library a leading world repository of maritime information in its Paul McGuire Maritime Library.



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