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Hogarth Family
Findlay and Emma - F19125
Marriage May 1865
Name Findlay Hogarth
Lived c1840 – 18 Aug 1872
Name Emma Homburg
Lived ( - ca 18 Dec 1870)
Florence Louise Hogarth (b. 03 Apr 1871)
Findlay Cranford Hogarth (17 Mar 1867 – 03 May 1867)
Robert Cranford Hogarth (19 Dec 1869 – 1 Jan 1904)
Voyage to London in 1866
Under command of Captain David Bruce
Departure port Port Adelaide
Departure date 5th January 1866
Arrival port London
Arrival date 13th April 1866
Voyage duration 100 days
Voyage to Adelaide in 1866
Under command of Captain David Bruce
Departure port London
Departure date 27th July 1866
Arrival port Port Adelaide
Arrival date 11th October 1866
Voyage duration 76 days
Port of Call
Port of call Plymouth
Departure 2nd August 1866

Findlay and Emma Hogarth

It seems likely that Findlay Hogarth and his wife Emma (nee Homburg) were took a honeymoon trip to England, and possibly Europe in 1866. Their names appear on the City of Adelaide voyages to and from London in 1866. They were only married in May the year before[1] - he was 25 and she was 22. To have been travelling in first class accommodation, they must have been fairly well to do financially.

Emma Hogarth (nee Homburg) would have been born in about 1846 although the location of her birth has not yet been discovered . Her father was named either Adolph or Freidrich Adolph Homburg – as both names appear on records relating to her. Emma's name did not actually appear in the passenger list provided in South Australian Register of 6 January 1866.[2] or the South Australian Advertiser of 6 January 1866[3]. However, in a testimonial to the ship's medical officer Samuel Orby Carey placed by passengers and crew (by telegraph from England) in the South Australian Register on 19 June 1866[4], The name of 'Mrs. Hogarth' and 'Miss Homburg' were both given. As Emma was newly married, it is assumed that this is the same person.

From a search of available records, it seems that Findlay (possibly Finlay or Findley) Hogarth was a commission agent and store owner.

Findlay had a brother John Hogarth who married Sarah Anne Payne on Christmas Day 1866[5] at the residence of William Applebee at Glenburnie near Mt Gambier. Both John and Findlay give their father’s name as Finlay Hogarth. In July 1861 John Hogarth was appointed Secretary of the school board in Mt Gambier and served on that board for a number of years. John and Sarah Hogarth had two children of their own - Findlay Cranford born in December 1867 and Mary Elizabeth born in April 1870[6]. Both children were born at Glenburnie.

It appears that he had another brother living in Victoria, as in 1869 Finlay Hogarth and his brother William were doing business between Echuca, Melbourne and Adelaide, with Finlay Hogarth acting as forwarding agent. Six years earlier, that same Finlay Hogarth dissolved a partnership with a David Dewar located in High Street, Echuca, VIC. The newspaper notification of the dissolution states that Finlay Hogarth is “going out of the colony” and that “David Dewar is to receive all monies relating to any debts outstanding.” He sold his share of the business to one Mr. H. Luth on May 30, 1869.

It would appear the Findlay Hogarth moved almost immediately to South Australia, as the Advertiser of 25 June 1869, page 3[7], has an advertisement for Findlay Hogarth as a commission agent.

Findlay and Emma had three children:

  1. Findlay Cranford Hogarth, b 17 Mar 1867[8]; d 3 May 1867[9] at the age of 2 months - name given there is Findlay Crawford Hogarth.
  2. Robert Crauford Hogarth, b 19 December 1869[10] Glenelg; d 1 January 1904, at hospital in Parkside aged 31 yrs; was a resident of Henley Beach[11].
  3. Florence Louise Hogarth, b 3 April 1871[12], at Glenelg.

Findlay Hogarth died on the 18th August 1872, aged 33, in Adelaide[13]. No death record pre 1915 was found for Emma Hogarth in South Australia.

The reason that there is no death record for her is that she remarried after Findlay’s death to Frank Skeffington Carroll on 28 April 1877 at St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Adelaide[14] - he was 40 and single and she was 31 and a widow. Emma had two more children with her second husband:

  1. Norah Skeffington Carroll, b 2 Feb 1878, at Glenelg[15].
  2. Paul Skeffington Carroll, b 28 Oct 1879, at Parkside[16]; d 26 Dec 1879[17], at Parkside aged 10 weeks – his death record states that his parents were living at Parkside at the time.

Emma’s second husband appears to have been somewhat famous in his lifetime, or perhaps infamous.

In 1876, about a year before he married Emma, Frank Skeffington Carroll had a map and book published by E.S. Wigg & Son in Adelaide - the subject was the newly marked out hundreds and districts of NT & SA as at 1876 including distances between places, roads etc. A copy of this work is in the National Library in Canberra and an electronic version is currently available from Gould Books and Australian Archived CD Books. SAGHS have a copy of the original work as well.

An interesting story about Frank Skeffington Carroll appears in the Melbourne Argus on Tuesday 7 May 1878. A sketch writer in the Hobart Town Mercury of May 4 contributes, under the heading of "Socialites", the following additional particulars to the history of Mr. Frank Carroll, one of the recently-elected members for Light, South Australia:

"Those of my friends who may be anxious to know who Mr. Carroll is will probably be surprised to learn that he is none other than the 'gay and festive' Lieutenant O'Reilly, who visited this city a few years ago as a map agent. Many of my readers will remember the rapidity with which the genial-tempered 'lieutenant' became ingratiated in the good graces of the best society, played whist with members of Parliament, drank whisky today with the aldermen of the city, and borrowed coin from all and sundry with all the apparent ease and nonchalance of one who in his peregrinations through the Emerald Isle had not omitted the duty of kissing the 'blarney stone.'

But the day of reckoning came, and the jovial O'Reilly was not forthcoming to balance the accounts and satisfy the gulled subscribers to his mythical 'map of Tasmania.' Many friends fondly hoped that he was 'not lost but gone before,' and that the course of time would witness the publication of his map and the payment of small amounts which had probably slipped his memory in the forced hurry of his departure. Such hopes, however, proved vain, and the gallant 'lieutenant' turned up in Adelaide as the proprietor of the Lantern, a well got-up comic illustrated pape.

The Lantern progressed in public favour, and Mr. Frank Skeffington Carroll, alias O'Reilly, became, by the force of his genial temperament and good social qualities, a popular man. Ambition, which, like jealousy, feeds upon itself, appears to have prompted Mr. Carroll to hope for still further distinction, and at the recent general election in South Australia he entered the political arena, and was successful in being elected for the district of Light."

Frank Carroll declared himself insolvent in Darwin according to the Northern Territory Times & Gazette of Saturday 6 October 1883, page 2.

Carroll died in Melbourne in 1887 at the age of 50[18], but a death record has not been located for Emma Carroll (formerly Hogarth nee Homburg).


Researched by JK Stokes, July 2009


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