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Mayer Family
John David and Eugenie Catherine - F18864
Marriage 20 Apr 1870
John David Mayer.png
John David Mayer
Name John David Mayer
Lived 30 Dec 1846 – 15 Sep 1933
Nationality  English
Name Eugenie Catherine Boileau
Lived 23 Feb 1845 – 3 Mar 1943
Nationality  English
Daisie Louise Mayer (1 Sep 1875 – 26 Sep 1942)
Gordon Wilfred Mayer (12 Aug 1892 – 1893)
Winifred Gwendoline Mayer (14 Sep 1887 – 1935)
Adele Clara Mayer (1872 – 1873)
Louise Emily Mayer (1872 – 1873)
Ruby Eugenie Mayer (1873 – Abt 1963)
May Ethel Mayer (1879 – 1969)
Darcy Evelyn Mayer (1881 – 1881)
Sydney Bertram William Mayer (b. 23 Apr 1877)
John Antonio Mayer (27 Mar 1871 – 23 Mar 1935)
Effie Gladys Mayer (3 Jan 1886 – 1960)
Clarence Saint John Mayer (30 Dec 1883 – 1964)
Stanley Vivian Mayer (5 Apr 1882 – 1924)
Voyage to Adelaide in 1870
Under command of Captain John Bruce
Departure port London
Departure date 24th May 1870
Arrival port Semaphore
Arrival date 18th August 1870
Voyage duration 86 days
Port of Call
Port of call Dartmouth

Among the passengers on board the City of Adelaide which departed London for Adelaide on 24 May 1870 were 'Mr. and Mrs. Mayer', i.e. John David Mayer and his wife Eugenie Catherine (née Boileau). Mr. Mayer was the heir to the Italian title of Count Rossi, and his wife was a descendant of Prince Boileau of France. Mr Mayer ascended to the title of Count Rossi in 1896.[1][2]

Both Mr and Mrs Mayer were musically gifted. Mrs Mayer had performed at the first Handel Festival held at the Crystal Palace in London in 1857, while Mr Mayer had been a boy soprano in St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Mr Mayer was a school teacher and late at various mid-north and York Peninsula schools and a lay preacher. He is also credited with the invention of a specialist needle threader, which he no doubt invented to assist his wife who was gifted in the ancient handicraft of tatting.

John David Mayer, Count Rossi, died at his home in New Mile End, Adelaide on 15 September 1933.[3][4]

Eugenie Catherine Boileau/Mayer died in Brighton, Adelaide on 3 March 1943.[5]

From The Register of Tuesday 4 March 1924:[6]

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mayer, of Rankine road, Torrensville, celebrated their golden wedding last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mayer, who are well-known and highly respected, were married at St. Mary's Church, Islington, England, on April 20, 1870, and arrived in South Australia by the ship City of Adelaide on August 19 of the same year, the voyage having occupied three months.

After a residence of 10 years in Adelaide, they went to Port Broughton, where Mr. Mayer joined tht Education Department and conducted a school in a wheat store belonging to Mr. Robert Darling. In 1884 he went into the training college, and 18 months later was sent to Mundoora, thence to Keli, Carrieton, Wirrabara, Georgetown, and Willowie. In 1893 he was transferred to the Aldgate Yalley School, and afterwards to Minlaton and Beachport. In 1917, owing to defective hearing, he resigned from the Education Department.

Mr. Mayer was born at Bishopsgate, London, on December 30, 1846, and is the second son of the late Count Rossi, who visited Australia in 1895, and spent his eighty-first birth anniversary in Adelaide, and returned to London early in 1895.

Mrs. Mayer, whose maiden name was Boileau is an accomplished pianist, and was born in London on February 23, 1845. She is a descendant ot Prince Boileau. There is a family of nine— four sons and five daughters, and there are six grandchildren. The title of Count, at Mr. Mayer's death, goes to his elder son. Mr. J. A. Mayer postmaster at Kilkenny, and failing him to his second son. Mr. S. Mayer of Messrs. Harris, Scarfe. & Co., Adelaide.


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